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5756 S. Lowell Blvd. Littleton, CO. 80123

About Genuine Auto Repair


We met while working together at a local independent shop in Littleton in 2015. Our passion for our customers created a bond that we want to share with the community. Natives to Colorado, Dan grew up in Evergreen and Heather grew up in Colorado Springs. We eventually found each other through our desire to do right by the customer. Dan formed the LLC of Genuine Auto Repair in 2014; keeping it in good standing until it could be developed into a product that was available to the public. In 2016 we started our business plan and relentlessly exhausted every resource we could until we were able to purchase our building and develop it into the outlet that we needed. Together as a team we have a genuine desire to do right by the customer. Between providing quality repairs and the information necessary for the customer to make and educated decision, Genuine Auto Repair was founded on the basis that customers deserve better from the automotive industry. Genuine Auto Repair is the solution to an industry problem. Genuine parts, Genuine service, Genuine people.

Dan Piechowski

L1 ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician

I started tinkering with anything that had wheels or a switch when I was three. If you needed a tool to take it apart, I did. I would take apart and put back together anything I could from electronics to go-carts, bicycles and RC cars. All I wanted to do was grasp the concept of how it worked. I started my career when I was 16 as a lube-tech at an independent shop. There I was able to grow and learn under the mentor of their master technicians. I quickly moved from lube-tech to technician after finishing my degree in Automotive Technology in 2004 from Denver Automotive & Diesel College. Spending more than 18 years in the automotive field, I have become capable of servicing the full scope of vehicle needs and have obtained my L1 ASE Master Certification. After 10 years I began to mentor others and took responsibility as Foreman; managing the flow of the shop and ensuring that my trainees were not only producing quality work every time but also teaching them how to develop into professional technicians.

My pride as a technician comes from the true and genuine desire to give the customer a quality repair every time. My biggest pet-peeve is using inferior parts that are cheap in quality and do not hold longevity. I take pride in going above and beyond; doing more than what is asked because that is how you take care of the car. Taking care of the car is taking care of the customer.
I strive to fix it right the first time. I like to educate the customer about the repairs I have made by showing them their failed parts and talking about my findings.

It is a privilege to be trusted with your family’s vehicle service, repair and safety needs.

Heather Piechowski

ASE Certified Service Consultant and Part Specialist

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got out of high school in 2009, no idea where my life was headed. The auto industry kind of just fell on me. My last two years of high school I was heavily influenced by the car scene; always around hot-rods and spending every chance I had at Bandimere. I knew I needed to get into school or I never would, so I went to Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs and finished with my degree in Automotive Technology in 2011. I started at Jiffy Lube when I was 18 and was there for three years. I moved on to a local independent shop and began my journey finding what I loved most; helping people understand something that no one ever takes the time to explain. I spent 5 years as an adviser and then took the position of store manager in 2016. I have never considered myself a “salesman” no matter how many times other people tried to convince me otherwise. I have always argued, “I am an educator and an adviser.” Some will get a kick out of how true that is and how many times they’ve heard me say that.

My favorite part about being an adviser is how awesome my job is when customers start to build a relationship with me and I can feel the trust growing. There is no better feeling than when I can literally see the light bulb go off in someone’s head because I helped them understand why it broke, how it works, what will happen if it isn’t repaired and how to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. The real goal is to do enough maintenance that the car never truly “breaks.” Breaking being stranded or not road-worthy. Not only that but also having the ability to give someone options. What’s best for the car? What’s best for you? How can we meet those two components in the middle?

I have been truly blessed to find a career I love and to be able to extend it to so many people who desire it. The problem has always been there; the solution bursts from my soul.