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5756 S. Lowell Blvd. Littleton, CO. 80123

Automotive Consult, Service & Repair

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Jane A - 5

The reason I chose this place was because one Sat I needed a little help and even though closed, they answered the door and graciously helped me out. I decided to give them a try and am very pleased. Did not meet Dan but Heather is very enthusiastic and informative . Prices seem reasonable. Seems like they really care about the job they do . Would recommend

Mike F - 5

Wonderful service from start to finish. Heather was so nice and helpful explained everything thoroughly even showed more cost effective options and payment plans to make sure we could fit the repairs into my budget

Will H - 5

Great experience, friendly service, competent. They did me right! Thank you, you are highly recommended

Yorke K - 5

I’ve been having Heather and Dan repair my vehicles for years at different shops and I can’t express how much I respect their knowledge and honesty.They only fix what needs to be fixed.

Skyler M - 5

Genuine Auto is down the street from me in Littleton. Heather was very help and got me sorted out, she is very knowledgealble, she even pointed me in the right direction for purchasing new tires for my vehichle. These guys rock, thanks again!

Lisa C - 5

Honest, fair and extremely knowledgeable. Heather and Dan take the time to explain your car troubles in detail, and in a language everyone can understand! I highly recommend Genuine Auto Repair!

Jake A - 5

I have been using Heather and Dan for years with multiple different vehicles. They are both highly professional and supremely knowledgeable! I recommend them to anybody i know and trust them with any vehicle i own!

Mike M - 5

Very knowledgeable and honest! Refreshing to find a shop that is like that! Will and have recommended Dan and Heathers shop to everyone I know! Thanks for the great and quick service

Eric S - 5

My wife Tonja had a very enjoyable experience with the shop. The service writer Heather was excellent and got her all set and checked in and the service tech Dan got her brakes all done as well as solving a recurring service issue with her rear brakes that had caused us issue for years! He diagnosed the issue after some description from my wife and now we will not be early replacing rear brakes any longer! Thanks for the awesome work!

Erin V - 5

Heather and Dan go out of their way to educate and inform their customers. I was trying to decide whether or not to fix my old ’89 pickup and Heather took the time to explain to me what would need to be fixed and in what order of priority. Genuine auto repair goes out of their way to help you take the best care of your car, with out paying for unnecessary services. They truly are creating a new standard for the auto mechanic industry and I only trust them with my vehicles.

Jeffrey R - 5

What a refreshing experience! I have an older, high mileage vehicle and they took the time to gather the history, current and future usage profile and repair history; all to better understand how to best cater a solution to maximize the life, meet my current and future needs for this vehicle and to meet my budget. Their hands-on approach in explaining service requirements, visually and verbally explaining the issues and options, is something I have not experienced before. All in a clean, modern, friendly shop, is a bonus. Thank you!!!

Becks S - 5

So excited Heather and Dan have opened their own shop! Honest, fair, reliable, and they know their stuff! Spent years having my car serviced and feeling like I had been ripped off, or paying for unnecessary fixes, confident and thrilled that will never happen at Genuine Auto! The shop is spotless, and the waiting room has been thoughtfully designed to make any wait more than comfortable for their customers. Highly recommend!

Sloan L - 5

I am so grateful to have found quality service and repair– finally! Dan and Heather went above and beyond repairing my Jeep.They explained in detail every step of the process and I know I can depend on their 30 combined years of experience. A rare find and unlike so many others, this place CARES for its customers. It doesn’t get better than Genuine Auto Repair!

Karen M - 5

I was very pleased with my experience at Genuine Auto Repair. Heather was courteous and explained what was to be done to my 2013 Honda Fit. Dan performed all of the maintenance that needed to be done. He also checked my brakes and adjusted the back. I am confident that I will be back again. This business is honest and reliable. Give them your business. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael K - 5

Integrity and pride! You can really tell Dan & Heather take their craft seriously. I just got my inspection report and was amazed at the quality and interactivity of the platform they send it on. If you don’t know about a particular service or are curious of the pros/cons of why it should be done there are embedded videos that educate you in a no pressure way as to why the service is recommended. I’m proud to say that I drive from Boulder to have Genuine Auto work on my families vehicles. Dan & Heather treat their customers right and go the extra mile to make sure you are spending your money wisely!

How do you change the standard?

What’s the FIRST thing you think
                   when you have to call the shop?

Survey says!….

“What’s this going to cost me?”

“Am I going to get ripped off?”

“Am I going to get upsold?”

You just had those three thoughts, didn’t you?

This industry has created a terrible name for itself produced by the epitome of doubt. The definition of doubt is, “Indecision between belief and disbelief. Involving uncertainty, distrust or lack of conviction on certain facts, actions, motives, or decisions.” Doubt results in delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concern for mistakes or missed opportunities.

The solution to the problem is to eliminate doubt by educating, advising and building real trust.


Knowledge + Guidance = Confident Choices

Automotive Consult, Service & Repair

We LOVE extended warranty!